Brief retort to Mr. Bhagwant Mann’s maliciously and utterly false, frivolous and concocted allegations.

August 7, 2018
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In a statement released here today, Khaira said that the allegations leveled by Mr. Bhagwant Mann were not only maliciously and utterly false but he was appalled to see the cheap level theatrics by an elected MP. Khaira said since he was busy meeting the aggrieved victims of police brutality at the Rajindra Hospital Patiala today, he has not been able to hear the full text of Mr. Mann’s press conference. He said, he always considered Bhagwant Mann as his younger brother but unfortunately the MP has failed to show restrain while attacking him below the belt without any facts, which shows that he is badly frustrated, dejected and depressed.
Khaira said he will consult his MLA and party colleagues tomorrow morning and rebut all the bogus charges leveled by Mr. Mann point by point, only if they approve of doing so. Because a random perusal of social media today has shown that a vast vast majority of Punjabi’s have totally debunked, trashed and rejected the despicable allegations of Mr. Mann, said Khaira. Khaira said it is now abundantly clear, that Mr. Mann has only acted as mouthpiece of the Congress, with whom the national leadership of the Aam Aadmi Party has forged an alliance with. Khaira said Mr. Mann should have the courage to publically admit the secret deal between AAP and the Congress at the cost of Punjabi’s, who left no stone unturned in supporting Mr. Mann and the party whole heartedly.

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