Bulandshahar DM Chandrakala scolds officials for shoddy work

December 20, 2014
Latest News, National, Utter Pradesh
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 B Chandrakala, the District Magistrate of Bulandhshahar, gained heroic popularity on social media as her video scolding other officials went viral.

The woman official was seen scolding out the government officials in public. As seen in the video the lady official reached a construction site and carried out surprised inspection of the work. As soon as she finds some visible anomalies she started stammering the government officials.


DM Chandrakala lashes out at the officials as she shouts “Have some morality. It is clearly dead in you. You should be ashamed.”

“Is this your work? You will go to jail! You are wasting public money, not your own!” Ms Chandrakala scolds an officer as she threatens to cancel three of her contracts. Watch video to catch full action.

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