Putin leader of a great nation; India-Russia has a friendship of unmatched mutual confidence: PM Modi

December 11, 2014
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New Delhi

 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday met in Delhi to develop the strategic ties between both the nations.

Addressing the media, Modi said, “When PM Vajpayee held Moscow Summit in 2001 I was there 2 sign sister-state agreement btwn Gujarat & Astrakhan. We will jointly visit the World Diamond Conference. This highlights our new innovative approaches to strengthening economic relations.”


He added, “Russia will remain our most important defence partner.”

“President Putin is a leader of a great nation with which we have a friendship of unmatched mutual confidence, trust and goodwill. We have a Strategic Partnership that is incomparable in content. The steadfast support of the people of Russia for India has been there even at difficult moments in our history. It has been a pillar of strength for India’s development, security and international relations. India, too, has always stood with Russia through its own challenges. The character of global politics and international relations is changing. However, the importance of this relationship and its unique place in India’s foreign policy will not change. In many ways, its significance to both countries will grow further in the future.”

Praising the defence partnership, Modi stated, “Russia has been India’s foremost defence partner through decades. My first visit outside Delhi as Prime Minister was to our new aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya. It sails our seas as a great symbol of our defence cooperation. Even as India’s options have increased today, Russia will remain our most important defence partner. We have conducted joint exercises across all three wings of the Armed Forces in the last six months.”

“This is President Putin’s eleventh Annual Summit and my first. This Summit reinforced my conviction in the extraordinary value and strength of this partnership. I am confident that our bilateral cooperation and international partnership will acquire new vigour and scale new heights in the years ahead.”

Acknowledging the respect, Putin thanked PM Modi by sayig, “We are content with how the visit is being conducted and the outcome of the visit. We had constructive talks on a whole gamut of issues. PM Modi and I placed emphasis on trade and economic issues.”

Talking about the meet, MEA later emphasised, “It is truly a great pleasure to welcome President Putin to India. PM Modi has met twice at the opposite ends of the world – in Brazil and Australia. India is honoured to host him in Delhi for the annual Summit. Since the turn of the century, he has been a key architect of our partnership.”

“President Putin and PM Modi discussed a broad range of new defence projects. We also discussed how to align our defence relations to India’s own priorities, including Make in India. We are pleased that Russia has offered to fully manufacture in India one of its most advanced helicopters. It includes the possibility of exports from India. It can be used for both military and civilian use. We will follow up on this quickly.”

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